Moving Insurance

Basic Protection Plan

This is included with every move we do. It is incorporated into the price of your move, and covers you from the moment we arrive at your home, until the moment the truck pulls away from your new residence. AAA Budget Moving & Hauling is not an insurance agent. Our Protection Plans are designed to compliment, not replace, your existing coverage. You should always contact your home insurance agent before moving, and ask if your existing policy covers "Goods in Transit".

The Basic Protection Plan covers your goods for a maximum of $0.60 per pound per item. For example, a 100 lb couch would be covered for up to $60.00. Obviously, this would not replace a new couch, but it would easily cover any scratch or dent repair required

Customer can upgrade to $3.00 per pound per article for an additional $75.00 with a $250.00 deductible.

Full Replacement Value Insurance

For full replacement value moving insurance AAA Budget Moving & Storage uses Intact Insurance. Full replacement coverage has a much more inclusive coverage than regular standard valuation insurance, and generally offers more options regarding deductible levels and the amount of coverage. If your possessions are valued above $50,000 and consist of valuable items such as electronics, pianos and artwork, or if you have an individual item valued at more than $5,000, please ask us about full replacement value insurance or contact one of the contact Impact Insurance. Our insurance rate is $9.5/$1000, minimum $10,000 buying coverage. That covers about $10 per pound. Deductible is $500 per claim.

Certificate of Insurance

AAA Budget Moving & Hauling maintains in excess of one million dollars worth of General Liability insurance, as well as required Disability and Worker's Compensation insurance coverage. Nearly every commercial office requires some form of insurance certificate prior to any work being performed. Any insurance claim to AAA Budget Moving & Hauling regarding possessions or damages to the home will have a $350 deductible. Deductibles and coverage will vary depending on the type of optional insurance that is chosen. Keep in mind that most homes have insurance that covers your belongings already, please contact your insurance agent to see what coverage you already have in place.

Items not covered

Due to the design and/or construction of certain items, company policies, as well as Government Regulations, there are several items that are not covered under our Protection Plans.

AAA Budget Moving & Hauling assumes no liability for the following items:

Customer Packed Boxes:

The contents of your boxes are not covered unless they have been packed by AAA Budget Moving & Hauling Employees; in the event that a customer-packed box is lost or destroyed, compensation will be computed based on an average weight of 50 pounds per box, regardless of actual box contents.

Pressboard Furniture:

Disassemble pressboard furniture if possible, package fasteners separately

Halogen Pole Lamps:

Disassemble and box halogen pole lamps to protect them, always remove bulbs.

Live Plants or Perishables:

Avoid packing food or plants if at all possible, use open-top boxes or wardrobes for plants.

Electronics & Musical Instruments (Internal Mechanisms):

Includes the internal workings of all electronic items such as televisions, stereos, computers, computer accessories and all musical instruments. Have your electronics and musical instruments professionally prepared for moving beforehand.

Unpackaged Glass:

Includes glass framed artwork, fish-tanks, tabletops, and mirror glass. Glass must be pre-packaged by a AAA Budget Moving & Hauling to be fully covered.

Special Considerations

  • In order for your shipment to be fully covered either you or an agent approved by you MUST be present at both pick-up and delivery. It is usually not necessary to remain for the entire process. You must inform the driver of the moving van if you will be leaving before the pick-up or delivery is completed.
  • If your shipment will be delivering into Moving storage facility, it is very important that you or an agent approved by you is present during unloading.
  • Articles of Extraordinary Value must be declared to us before shipping.
  • We do not transport explosives or dangerous or hazardous materials. This includes but is not limited to; propane tanks, gasoline, diesel, oil, paint, flammable solvents, aerosols, ammunition, commercial explosives, fireworks, and all materials classified as a biohazard. If you ship any of these goods without our knowledge, you immediately void any and all liability by our company for all damages, and you will be held responsible for any damages, fines, warehousing costs, and delays incurred by our company resulting from the transport of these materials.
  • For more information on Dangerous Goods, visit the Transport the United States website.

Delays in Service

For long distance moves, at or before the time of loading, you will be provided with a date or time period in which your goods will be delivered.

Subject to circumstances beyond our control, if we do not deliver within the specified time period, we will be liable only for reasonable food and lodging expenses incurred by you and your family. You will be required to produce receipts before compensation.

If for any reason you are unable to take delivery of your goods at the scheduled delivery time, you may be held liable for storage and handling charges.

Submitting a claim

In order to begin a claim full amount of moving services is required. You must provide written notice (letter, fax or e-mail) of your claim within 15 days of completing your move. Claims submitted by telephone will not be processed.

A Claims Analyst will investigate your claim. The Adjustor will need to examine the move paperwork, speak with the crew or crews involved in your move, determine fault and responsibility, confirm any price estimates you have submitted, and contact repair companies as necessary. The Claims Analyst will contact you within 15 days with a decision on your claim.

* All claims are subject to a $150.00 processing fee or damages to the home will have a $350 deductible, any claims over $300 need to be notarized.